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How to Lower Your Energy Bill

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Ashton Pointe! This week we are talking about saving. Hopefully, you have put a plan in action to start paying yourself first. Next, I want you to look at what things you can do around the house to reduce your bills. Your energy and power bill are actually the easiest ways you can put more money into your pockets. Sometimes, we do not realize the little habits we have can be costly. For instance, I am the Queen of The Refrigerator Stare. I know what exactly is in my refrigerator, but I guess if I stare long enough something I am craving will eventually appear. If  this sounds like you watch the video below.

More Power Saving Tips

South Carolina Energy & Gas Online Energy Audit

How to Develop a Savings Strategy

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello Ashton Pointe! What do you do to save money? Do you shop sells all the time or just hold onto your money? What do you plan to achieve by saving your money? That is one of the first things the video below talks about so you can effectively reach your savings goal. Once, you know what you are saving for then you can plan how to save for it. For instance, you would not utilize the same savings strategy to buy a four hundred dollar cell phone as you would to save for your retirement. Watch this video for a few quick tips on how to save.

More Ways to Save

Workout 24 Hours a Day at Ashton Pointe

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 08, 2010


Hello Ashton Pointe! Health and fitness is something that is important to all of us. Not just in the summer time, but year round. Sometimes a busy schedule can make it difficult to fit in your routine workout. We want you to be able to maintain your healthy lifestyle; therefore we keep our fitness center open 24 hours a day to fit your busy schedule.  

Whether, you prefer to workout in the early hours of dawn or late at night once the kids have had their dinner we are open for you. Do not spend your money on a gym membership. Take advantage of all the amenities Ashton Pointe has to offer. Get your kids active, too. Run side by side on the treadmill with your daughter. Teach your son how to lift weights properly. Ashton Pointe wants to make living a healthy lifestyle convenient for you and your family.

 Tips To Get The Whole Family In Shape

What do you like about Ashton Pointe’s gym? Is there anything you would change? Please share. We value your opinion.

Michael Jackson Does the Robot

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 25, 2010

Micheal Jackson was known for popularizing little known dances. Watch this video of him doing “The Robot.” What is your favorite Michael Jackson Dance? Vote now!

Guest Bathroom Decor

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 24, 2010

I was searching for ideas to decorate my bathroom and I came across this video. This video gives you tips on homestaging your guest bathroom, however, if you have a guest bathroom in your apartment that does not get much use these tips will make since for you, too. I hope this helps.

How To Free Yourself From a Small Room

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Do you sometimes feel a little cramped in your apartment? Are you thinking it is too small? Get those thoughts out of your head. Most of the time, we have more than enough space in our apartments, but do not utilize them correctly. This leaves us feeling cramped and uncomfortable. I am going to show you how to use your space the correct way, so you can turn that small, cluttered apartment into your place of liberation and comfort. Follow these tips to free yourself from a small room.

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter – Now is a perfect time to do some spring cleaning. If you have not used an item in a year or two throw it out or donate it. There is no need for your coffee table to be stacked with old magazines. One or Two magazines are enough.  Your living room should be 100% clean no papers, toys, blankets, or other knick knacks should be lying on the floor or on your furniture.
  2. Use the Light – Light colors open up a big room. Most apartments are painted with neutral and/or light colors and some allow you to paint. If painting is an option, paint one wall (accent wall), but keep it neutral or light. Also, let the natural light come into your apartment. The natural light reflects off your wall giving the appearance of a bigger room. If you have window treatments keep them sheer to avoid blocking the natural light.
  3. Add Glass – Having glass in a piece of furniture, for instance a coffee table with a glass centerpiece expands your floor space. A Mirror will expand the overall space of the room, too. If possible place the mirror at a location where it can reflect more of the natural light.

 These are just a few tips that I found helpful. Share your tips below.

FIFA World Cup Qualifier Highlights

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 18, 2010

The World Cup 2010 is here. Watch highlights from the FIFA Qualifying Rounds.

Not enough. Watch more highlights here or catch the game tonight at a Beaufort area sports bar.

What are your favorite moments from the 2010 World Cup?

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father’s Day is this Sunday. If you are like me you probably have no idea what to get your Dad. The below video is more so funny than helpful, but it did give me a couple of good ideas. Hopefully, it can help you, if not at least you will have a good laugh.

Any ideas? Please share.

Welcome, Ashton Pointe

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 07, 2010

Welcome to your new virtual gathering place…
a community blog for the residents of Ashton Pointe.

Looking to connect with your neighbors? Do it here.
Looking for ideas for a weekend getaway? Find it here.
Looking for the latest about what’s going on in our community? It’s all here.

Every day you will find something new on the Ashton Pointe community blog. It will be a must-visit stop every day on your digital cruising.

We focus on what you care about:

  • tips to make the most of your community and your apartment lifestyle
  • great places to go around town
  • wonderful weekend getaways
  • how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, food and dining suggestions
  • updates from the management team, and much more!

We’d love for you to jump right in and contribute!

Got an opinion on something in the blog?
Click on “Leave a Comment” and share your thoughts — we can’t wait to hear from you.

Join the conversation!

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