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Why Beaufort, SC, Is a Great Small Town

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ashton Pointe Apartments, Beaufort, SCBeaufort is beautiful. Nestled on Port Royal Island, in the heart of the Sea Islands and South Carolina Lowcountry, Beaufort is home to just under 13,000 residents. Pristine beaches, year-round mild climate, and access to a myriad of outdoor activities in and out of the water, have been attracting tourists for decades, with many visitors returning year after year and some choosing to stay as residents. Beaufort's vast package of natural and cultural amenities along with its highly rated educational systems and engaged citizens make it one of the Top 100 Best Small Towns in the nation.

Unlike many towns on the coast, Beaufort has protected its water access, and that’s one of the things that relocating families and tourists really appreciate. They tell us how much they enjoy the views and how easy it is to access the water. Your family can find one of these creeks off the Intercoastal Waterway and explore. You can kayak. You can fish. You can boat.

Two Cities in One

The story of Beaufort is really a tale of two cities.

Beaufort is the town that has the vibrant downtown that shuts down commerce to have a trick-or-treat for the kids or a Christmas celebration for the whole town. It’s small-town America with all the amenities you’ll get from a big-city tourist destination.

One such amenity is the town's diverse and rather large arts scene. Residents find many things to do in Beaufort throughout the year. The city has more than 20 galleries, a number of artists' studios open to tours and a center for the performing arts on the campus of the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

We have the antebellum homes. We have the Intercoastal Waterway. We have Hunting Island, which was named one of the top 100 beaches according to TripAdvisor. And here’s this vibrant arts and culture scene that permeates throughout the entire town.

Diversity is a common theme in Beaufort. Home to military installations, the town welcomes a mix of single enlisted personnel, young military families and retired officers.

We have three military installations including Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Parris Island – that’s where we graduate marines – and the Naval Hospital on the banks of the ICW. Having three military installations, you’re going to have a steady rotation of younger families, and it also gives us a range of diversity.

Close to Charleston, but Far Enough Away

Like its slightly older sister city Charleston, much of Beaufort's charm lies in its history, which is beautifully preserved in the downtown architecture and stately antebellum homes. But unlike Charleston, Beaufort offers a more laid-back lifestyle.

Beaufort has always been called the small version of Charleston in the sense that Charleston is only older than Beaufort by a few years and, in many ways, Beaufort mirrors its older sibling except we don’t have any traffic problems. Our version of traffic is on the swing bridge, which raises to allow sailboats to pass through the Intercoastal Waterway.

For a young family, there is no rush-hour commute. There isn’t that hustle and bustle that comes with a big city. There’s a sense that if the family wants seafood tonight for dinner, there’s a chance there will be crabs in the crab pots when you get home from work.

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Best East Coast Living is in the Lowcountry: Beaufort, South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ashton Pointe Apartments, Beaufort, SCThe Lowcountry has quickly become one of the best places for living on the East Coast, and it’s easy to see why. Consider the area features breathtaking scenery, incredible history, an irresistible dining scene, and so much more. If you’re looking for the perfect place to call home, the Lowcountry has so much to offer!

It Boasts the No. 1 City in the World

The Lowcountry can credit its crown jewel, the city of Charleston, for making the entire region one of the most desired places to live on the East Coast. In 2016, the city was not only named Travel + Leisure’s “No.1 City in the U.S. and Canada” for the fourth consecutive year, but it was also selected as the “No. 1 City in the World.” With this ranking, Charleston, SC, became the first domestic city to earn the title “World’s Best City.”

The Area Is Steeped in History

Are you a history buff? If so, you will love living in the Lowcountry. This region played a vital role throughout the course of American history. At the center, you'll find Charleston, a colonial seaport founded in 1670 that became one of the wealthiest hubs during the 19th-century. The barrier islands and surrounding areas of the Lowcountry also offer a fascinating history of well-known political figures, devastating wars, and an interesting heritage. Strike up a conversation with a local and you’ll likely hear a few tall tales and ghost stories, which only add to the area’s character.

The People Are Friendly

Even with the rapid growth, it has held onto its genial, Southern charm. Whether you are familiar with the area or a complete newcomer, you’ll be at ease amongst Lowcountry residents who will greet you with our world renowned hospitality.

The Scenery Is Spectacular

While a bustling historic city center and friendly folks are appealing reasons to pack up and head to the Lowcountry, it’s distinctive flora and fauna only found here that makes people never want to leave. With majestic live oak trees covered in Spanish moss, quiet marshes, pristine beaches, and beautifully preserved island communities, the Lowcountry is truly one of the most idyllic places on the East Coast to call home.

The Food Is Irresistible

Typically defined as a geographical and cultural region along the South Carolina coast, the Lowcountry is an area that was influenced by African, French, English and Caribbean cultures. One of the best ways to experience our past is through present-day cuisine. Here you’ll find traditional dishes prepared unlike anywhere else. Add award-winning restaurants, talented chefs, and plenty of fresh ingredients straight from the ocean, inlet, and farm, and you’ll quickly understand why the Lowcountry has become a top foodie destination.

The Lowcountry is a coveted destination on the East Coast. Filled with history and culture, food and fun, this beautiful part of the world offers so many things to see and do. For more information apartments in Beaufort, SC contact Ashton Pointe.


Beaufort, SC is One of the Best Cities for the Arts

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Ashton Pointe Apartments, Beaufort, SCSouth Carolina isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think about the arts. However, the state has hidden pockets of cultural wealth that will rival big art markets like New York and San Francisco. Beaufort is one of the five best cities in South Carolina for the Arts.

Beaufort, SC

Recently named a SC Cultural District by the S.C. Arts Commission, downtown Beaufort is a city on the move. Criteria for the nomination includes: live performance venues, theaters, galleries, public art, and museums. Apparently the city of Beaufort had over 50 "assets" that led to its cultural district designation. The city is proud to embrace the arts, and celebrates with festivals, live music, and performing arts. Beaufort is also a visually stunning city. Lakes, rivers and streams add to the coastal appeal. 

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Living in South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 01, 2018

Ashton Pointe Apartments, Beaufort, SCThere are no big cities in South Carolina. Even Charleston is much more similar to the vibe of a small town than it is a big city. That’s what helps preserve the charm of South Carolina. With an undeniable character marked by palmetto trees and ethereal dangling moss, wrought iron accents to the architecture, signature hospitality, and friendly smiles from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Lowcountry, South Carolina is Southern living at its finest.

Local Flavor: South Carolinians Never Need An Excuse To Get Dapper

But they certainly won’t pass one up, either. In South Carolina, women get dressed in their best classic pastels, Lilly, and hats while men break out the seersucker and bow ties for events like Polo matches, Marsh Tacky, and the big man on equestrian campus: The Carolina Cup. Men and Women of South Carolina even take full advantage of days like National Seer Sucker Day to celebrate and display a love for Southern and South Carolina traditions and just plain looking good.

Cuisine: The South Carolina Barbeque Is Better And The Peaches Are More Plentiful

Anyone who moves to South Carolina will notice a lot of new additions to their daily menus including classically southern staples like shrimp and grits, biscuits, boiled peanuts, blue crabs, and hush puppies. Don’t forget to douse it all in generous amounts of hot sauce before washing it all down with a sweet tea. Peaches are big here too. Even though they’re synonymous with Georgia, South Carolina actually produces more of them and they’re amazing. But if you’re looking for that one true South Carolina dish, then you have to grab a plate of their barbecue. This mustard-based goodness takes the southern classic and makes it something all their own.

Nightlife: South Carolina Shows You A Laid Back Good Time

You won’t find the bright lights and never ending night scene of places like Las Vegas or New York City. This is South Carolina, where life is laid back and everyone has to be up early in the morning for work, church, or brunch. But that doesn’t mean that people here don’t know how to have a good time. If you’re invited to an oyster roast, cancel everything and go. You’ll have one of the best nights of your week and make some new friends while you’re at it. As for a night out on the town, you’ll find your time spent mostly around the many local restaurants, bars, taverns, and pubs where you can kick back and relax with friends while enjoying some of the awesome local craft beer.

Weather: South Carolina Is The East Coast Paradies

The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the East Coast are usually either blanketed in heat or snow. The Southern coastal states are just marked by stifling heat. But South Carolina falls right in the perfect pocket, giving them one of the best climates along the coast. Summers do get hot and humid, with July highs ranging from the high 80s to the mid-90s and the humidity can sometimes make you feel like you’re swimming on dry land. But the spring and the fall are glorious and the mild temperatures of the winter make those summer months well worth it. January highs hover around the high 50s and low 60s across almost the whole state and have lows that rarely dip below freezing. You might see the occasional snowflake fall from the sky but it’s rarely more than passing flurries.

Commute: Horns Honk Less In South Carolina

All those laid back vibes throughout South Carolina make getting around the state better than a cool breeze on a summer day. Although you do need a car to get around the Palmetto State, you won’t waste your life away in it. The average commute time for the state overall is 23.2 minutes, which is nearly two minutes under the national average.

Cost Of Living: South Carolina’s Price Tag Is Almost Too Good To Be True

Many places around South Carolina provide a high quality of living, which would make most people assume that it is an expensive place to live. But it’s not. In fact, the cost of living index in South Carolina is 92, and that’s 8 points lower than the national cost of living index of 100. Housing is the most affordable part about living here. So you can take those extra dollars and spend some having fun around South Carolina and save the rest for a rainy day.

Memories Are Made At South Carolina Beaches

Although winters aren’t long and cold in South Carolina the way they are farther up north, there’s still no more exciting time in South Carolina than spring. It’s the time when the famous coastline comes back to life and everyone can get ready for their family vacations. The beaches here aren’t just for tourists—everyone across the state enjoys the coastline. Myrtle Beach is the most prominent resort area with over 60 miles of shoreline but there are plenty of other beaches to enjoy including Hilton Head Island, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Isle of Palms, Garden City, and Sullivans Island, among others.

The Differences Of Lowcountry And Upstate

South Carolina isn’t just resort beaches. The state is also differentiated by Lowcountry and Upstate South Carolina. Although the areas do share many similarities and South Carolina traditions, they have distinct things that set them apart. Low Country is marked by marshy lands where you’ll find a strong Gullah influence, much more closely related to a stereotypical Georgia, especially around St. Helena Island. This is the area where you’ll find thicker accents, a lot of antebellum and postbellum homes, and a festival to celebrate everything from the endangered gopher tortoise to catfish, rice, watermelon, and more. Upstate South Carolina is located to the northwest region of the state with the city of Greenville being the most prominent of all of its destinations. 

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