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Reasons to Move to South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ashton Pointe, Beaufort, SCFrom its rich culture and vibrant heritage to the natural beauty and acres upon acres of green space, South Carolina is one of those states you can’t help but love. It’s the 23rd most populous state—with almost 5 million people calling it home. And we've got eight reasons why you may want to do this, as well.

1. A slower pace of life

You truly have the best of both worlds in South Carolina. The major cities, like Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville, boast a myriad of entertainment, arts, and delicious culinary wonders, but still offer residents the opportunity to take a step back, unplug from the rat race, and enjoy the sweet, slow pace of southern life.

2. Affordability

Your wallet will be happier in South Carolina than most places in the country. The cost of living here is remarkably low—almost 13% lower than the national average. Here and you’ll have enough money to vacation wherever you want—whether that means crossing the ocean or hitting up a dreamy bed and breakfast to explore the rest of this beautiful state.

3. The beach

Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Hilton Head: The list goes on and on. With miles of seashore, luxurious resorts, and plenty of offshore recreation, South Carolina is every beach bum’s dream come true. You can have your pick of beaches: whether you’re looking for a vacation hub crawling with nightlife and amusement parks like Myrtle Beach, or a more remote and pristine getaway like Kiawah Island. Silky white sand awaits—all you have to do is pick your poison.

4. Southern hospitality at its finest

Rumor has it sweet tea was born in South Carolina. And hey, there’s even Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka for the grown-ups. The tea might be sweet, but the people are even sweeter. Conde Nast actually listed Charleston as the third friendliest city in America in its 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards, noting its laidback and sophisticated atmosphere.

5. Natural beauty

With century old oaks and silky white sand, South Carolina is home to an abundance of natural beauty. The water is clear and the sunsets here rival Hawaii. Take a stroll down historic lanes lined with ancient trees (like the famous Angel Oak, estimated to be more than 400 years old) draped with ethereal Spanish moss and you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever lived anywhere else.

6. Warm weather

Farewell, winter coats; hello, short sleeves. The average temperature in South Carolina is about 64 degrees, with annual lows in the 50s. The warm, sunny climate means you get to spend at least seven to eight months enjoying all the weather has to offer.

7. All the green space / parks

Lace up your hiking boots and grab a map—South Carolina is a great state to get in touch with your explorer side and connect with nature. Here you’ll find 47 state parks covering more than 80,000 acres of land. Named one of the top 25 beaches by TripAdvisor, Hunting Island State Park is a perfect destination for swimming or sunbathing—or even fishing in one of the island’s lagoons. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, consider taking a hike to Raven Cliff Falls in Caesars Head State Park, observing the wildlife at Swan Lake Iris Gardens, or canoeing down the waters of Congaree National Park.

8. History galore

The famous city of Charleston—with its antebellum architecture and charming cobblestone streets—isn’t South Carolina’s only nod to history. There are many sights to been seen in downtown Beaufort, which was founded in 1711 and is the second oldest city in South Carolina. The whole state is draped in a mesmerizing history, from the USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter, to the century old Sheldon Church Ruins (above) and Botany Bay Plantation Heritage.

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More People are Moving to Beaufort, SC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 25, 2017

Ashton Pointe, Beaufort, SCIt’s no secret that there are tons of people moving to Beaufort from places all over. You could probably take a street census and find that the number of transplants is staggering. In fact, moving to Beaufort is so common that it’s even being commercialized with such things as bumper stickers that say “Beaufort Native,” just so folks don’t get confused. There’s also a local saying, “I’m not from Beaufort…but I got here as quick as I could.”

So what’s so great about Beaufort, South Carolina that waves of people are compelled to move here?

Beaufort is a romantic and popular destination for tourists from all over with nearly 3 million visitors each year enjoying historic, as well as golf, sport fishing, and beach vacations. Beaches, the lighthouse, campground and nature features makes Huntington Beach the single most visited State Park in all of South Carolina. History exists at nearly every turn as some 304 acres of the city of Beaufort, in its picturesque downtown district, have been designated a National Historic Landmark.

Who wouldn’t want to live here?

The weather is perfect with very mild winters and hot summers that are perfect for the beach or pool. The scenery is amazing.

Beaufort has everything. There is literally something for everyone here. From museums, to beaches, to parks, water sports, theatre, a thriving art scene, not to mention shopping galore…Beaufort has at least one thing that would compel any given person to move here.

Beaufort is also rich with enthusiasm and positive activity. It may be the “365 days of sunshine per year” or all the general happiness that comes with living in such a special part of the Carolina Lowcountry. The atmosphere created by the people in Beaufort is amazing. The city is littered with health food connoisseurs, outdoor enthusiasts, pet lovers, successful small business owners, and a myriad of creative types. People who move to Beaufort are often instantly enchanted by its rich, nationally important local history.

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Retire in South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ashton Pointe, Beaufort, SC6. South Carolina

  • Population: 4.7 million
  • Share of population 65+: 14.7%
  • Cost of living: 12% below the U.S. average
  • Average income for 65+ households: $39,985
  • Average health care costs for a retired couple: Below average at $373,631
  • South Carolina's tax rating for retirees: Tax Friendly

If the mild weather and southern charm of the Palmetto State isn't enough of a retirement draw for you, surely the affordability can tempt you. On top of well-below-average living costs, the tax situation goes easy on a fixed income, too. South Carolina doesn't tax Social Security benefits and offers generous exemptions on other types of retirement income. It also does not levy an inheritance or estate tax. Property taxes tend to be very low.

South Carolina also offers ample amounts of golfing, beach bumming and water activities.

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Millennials Love to Rent

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ashton Pointe, Beaufort, SCReal estate companies think Millennials will become “career renters” -- at least in the near term. In fact, the number of career renters is growing.

Many students in their mid 20’s are renting until they finish their schooling. However, at that point, they will have 10’s of thousands of dollars in loan debt. Many can envision renting for the rest of his life.

They don’t want to take on more debt. They don’t want to have another credit check; they don’t want to talk to another set of bankers; and they don’t want to put so much liability on the line.

For many Americans hard hit by the recession or dealing with large student loan debt, the idea of renting indefinitely has become appealing. No mortgage to pay off, a living space that comes with built-in amenities, and a landlord who takes care of upkeep and maintenance.

This may be particularly true for the country’s youngest adults, who are delaying homeownership and for whom taking on a mortgage is seen as one more debt to pay off. From 2006 through 2011, 25- to 34-year-olds experienced the largest decline in homeownership compared with any other age group. Among households headed by 25- to 34-year-olds, renters increased by more than a million from 2006 to 2011, while the number who own fell nearly 1.4 million.

Today’s young adults are not only delaying homeownership, they’re delaying many of the life events that often come with homeownership, including marriage, children and settled careers. The flexibility to be able to pick up and leave an apartment building or city for a job can be crucial.

Not Attached to Owning

For others the decision to rent long term is motivated as much by finances as by lifestyle. Flexibility is the biggest factor in choosing to continue renting. They feel at ease knowing that if they had to relocate, the process would be less complicated.

But they are also averse to putting themself in a financial bind. A house can be an investment, but they are not looking to go further into debt.

Real estate companies say they’ve noticed rental residents are now more often single, older and staying longer than in past decades. And those who do move out are more often moving to another rental over buying a home.

The trend makes sense given Millennials’ affinity for renting just about everything else, from cars to clothes.

A lot of young people don’t have the same attachment to ownership of anything.

An iffy job market has also continued to permeate other aspects of Millennials’ lives, especially where and how they live.

They entered the job market when it was harder to find a job, and the effects of entering the labor market when jobs are scarce are long term.

Going High End

To some extent, real estate developers anticipated this trend, and started offering rental units in locations attracting young professionals to meet demand, often equipped with high-end amenities such as pools, gyms, brand-new kitchen appliances and social events for the building.

In light of where we are in the economy, people are still looking for a quality place to live, but they’re not interested in a long-term deployment of their capital in homeownership.

Real estate developers say renting appeals to today’s young adults not only because it requires less responsibility but also for its ease in urban areas. Metropolitan cities are attracting young adults.

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Detroit Free Press

Reasons to Retire in Beaufort, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Ashton Pointe, Beaufort, SCBeaufort is located on the mainland, set back from the ocean, tucked between the protected Saint Helena Sound and Port Royal Sound. Beaufort is a fascinating coastal area to find a high quality of life.

Here is why we believe Beaufort is one of the best cities to retire in South Carolina:

Adventure - With more time on your hands at retirement, you will be looking for interesting things to do which won’t require much effort. Kayaking is the most popular water sport here. You will find bottlenose dolphin, bird wildlife and fish habitats. Of course, fishing, boating or walking the beaches at Hunting Island State Park are popular too.

Cuisine - When you think of Beaufort SC neighborhoods, think of fresh seafood. Shrimping and crabbing describe everyday life on the water here. You won’t have a problem finding an excellent place to dine in one of the best cities to retire in South Carolina.

Romance - Bay Street in downtown hugs the Beaufort River. Waterfront Park, the public community lawn for outdoor concerts, has a row of public swings designed for two, overlooking the river. The swings face the Woods Memorial Bridge which leads to Hunting Island State Park - named one of America’s Top 10 Beaches. Antebellum mansions dating back over 200 years are now Romantic Bed & Breakfast Inns overlooking the Beaufort River.

Art - Author John Villani named Beaufort South Carolina as one of the Top 100 Art Towns in America. There are 10 art galleries in downtown Beaufort. ARTworks, sponsored by the Art Council of Beaufort Port Royal and Sea Islands, offers adult art classes 365 days a year; instruction in clay, pottery, basketry, writing and more. Local art festivals, exhibits, theatre and concert performances are coordinated by ARTworks in various locations throughout Beaufort South Carolina. Beaufort SC neighborhoods are a great place to live if you enjoy art.

Patriotism - Parris Island Recruit Depot and Marine Corps Air Station are both located in Beaufort South Carolina. Occasionally, you will hear a fighter jet flying overhead locals call ‘the sound of freedom’. Beaufort SC festivals include musical performances and Presenting the Colors by local military branches dressed up in red white and blue. Veterans have access to the Naval Hospital in Beaufort.

Best Beaches - Hunting Island State Park is just to the east of Beaufort South Carolina on Saint Helena Island. Hunting Island State Park has been named a Top 10 Beach because of the unspoiled miles of shoreline.

Organic - Farms still decorate the horizon as you drive through Lady’s Island, Saint Helena Island and the more rural areas of Beaufort. U-Pick farms and Farmer’s Markets are popular places to find seasonal produce and homemade products. In the summer months, on Wednesday at Beaufort’s waterfront, you will find more local grown products and on Saturday’s, an open air Farmer’s Market takes place in Port Royal.

Festivals - Your calendars will be filled with festivals in the Lowcountry, entertaining and fun events to share with your grandchildren. The Irish Festival, Soft Shell Crab Festival and Taste of Beaufort take place in the spring. The Beaufort Water Festival and Shrimp Festival takes place in the summer. The Fall Festival of Houses and Gardens takes place in October.

Simplicity - It is a pleasure to discover a place offering the simple pleasures of life, what we look for at retirement. The southern charm from the people in Beaufort, makes it easy to meet new friends. Without the noise and dense traffic found in highly populated cities, you will find you can breathe easier in Beaufort and make each moment count. Beaufort is quickly accessible from Interstate 95. The New York Times named Beaufort South Carolina as one of the Best Small Towns.

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